New paper out in Ibis

26 06 2020

Congrats Sam on your first PhD paper coming out. Based at the fieldsite in Honduras, all about territoriality and aggressive interactions in laughing-thrushes.



Paper accepted – Long-tailed Ducks

4 05 2020

Congratulations to PhD student Jenny Cantlay, Our paper has been accepted in Global Ecology and Conservation. This paper, also part of Jenny’s thesis, investigated visual fields in Long-tailed Ducks, and then experimentally tested the effectiveness of LED deterrents in gillnets.

More to follow.

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Top Downloaded Paper

30 04 2020

Glad people liked our slightly random paper on the impacts of moon phase on wild Barnacle Geese physiology.

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 12.27.25

Pigeon Recovery

18 04 2020

Some nice positive news. A pigeon who collided with a window just before Christmas has now healed and made a full recovery, and took her first flight of 2020 yesterday.



25 03 2020

Research has of course stopped due to the virus outbreak, but the pigeons still need feeding and watering. Thankfully this is walking distance from home, and doesn’t involve going inside buildings etc. It’s great to spend some peaceful time with the birds.

Current Biology Primer out

9 03 2020

You can read it here: 

Fieldwork few Weeks

8 03 2020

It’s been a busy few weeks, with various lab members spread around the world undertaking fieldwork. Marie has been in California working at the Western Foundation for Vertebrate Zoology, collecting new and exciting eggshell samples. Steph has been in Zambia working out at Claire Spottiswoode’s fieldsite, getting more metabolic data from whydah eggs. Jack and Eleanor has been based in Pretoria at Nigel Bennett’s lab, studying mole rat physiology and biomechanics.

As always we’re massively grateful to all our collaborators. And congratulations to former lab member Dan Sankey, who has just started a postdoc at the University of Exeter.

(photos taken by various members of the lab group)

Welcome new PhD student – Hana Merchant

24 01 2020

We’re thrilled to welcome Hana Merchant to the lab group. Hana’s PhD will be focusing on mole rat speciation, morphology and physiology. Hana’s funded by NERC and is co-supervised by Chris Faulkes at QMUL.

HM pic

Primer in Current Biology

22 01 2020

I have a Primer coming out shortly in Current Biology, all about aerial flocking in birds. More to follow.


Congrats Sam!

8 12 2019

Congratulations Sam, who passed his viva with minor corrections. Many thanks to Rudy and Alex for acting as examiners.