New paper out in Science of Nature

16 07 2019

Our new paper is out in The Science of Nature, which shows what happens to cluster flocking pigeons when they fly a long distance – they spread out. You can read it here! Congrats PhD student Dan Sankey.

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Article in The Conversation

3 07 2019

To coincide with our ‘goose moon’ paper, which you can read here, I’ve written a piece for The Conversation about animal behaviour, the moon and eclipses, which can be found here! (photo, K. Witman)


Paper accepted in Animal Behaviour

1 07 2019

Congratulations PhD Dan Sankey who just got his 2nd PhD paper accepted, in Animal Behaviour. In this paper, we show how birds compromise on speed when flying in flocks. More to follow.


Paper out in Ecology and Evolution

25 06 2019

We have a paper out today, in Ecology and Evolution, all about how wild geese respond physiologically to supermoon events. You can read it here!


Paper accepted in The Science of Nature

24 06 2019

Big congratulations to PhD student Dan Sankey for getting his first paper accepted. Two years ago all his pigeons disappeared on a routine 8km flight and flew 200+ km across the whole of London and into East Anglia, with all their loggers on. This provided an exciting opportunity to see how birds alter their spacings within a group over long flights. More to follow.


Paper out in PLOS Biology

19 06 2019

Our paper is out in PLOS Biology. A huge amount of effort, and congratulations to former PhD student Lucy Taylor for all the hard work. The paper focuses on how hard pigeons work to fly with just one other bird, and why this might be. You can read it here!



11 06 2019

Cecylia did a great job of presenting her work (poster and talk) at the RHUL Symposium, all about the interactions between spatial memory, personality and metabolism in birds.