Mole Rats Galore

19 10 2017

Currently at the University of Pretoria working with Prof Nigel Bennett and his amazing collection of Mole Rats. This work forms part of the wider project with Dr’s Chris Faulkes (QMUL) and Monica Daley (RVC), and is funded by an RSF from RHUL.


Busy Few Weeks

9 10 2017

It’s been a busy few weeks. Two weeks in Cambodia proved successful working with wild Siamese Fighting Fish. Just prior to departure, we had our first RHUL-Imperial mini conference, organised by myself and Joe Tobias, which was fascinating and good fun too. Lab member Dan Sankey presented his new data on pigeons at the 6th Biologging conference, and the ZSL Avian Senses conference was excellent (thanks to Hannah Rowland for inviting me to talk about Secretary Birds and Vultures).  A busy week in the office setting up project students, and now off to Cape Town (to visit Susan Cunningham and Claire Spottiswoode) before continuing onto Pretoria, to work on the fascinating Bathyergidae with Prof Nigel Bennett. First time there, so suitably excited.

New Members Join Lab

2 10 2017

We have two new members joining our lab group, MSc by Research students Rhianna Ricketts (right) and Miranda Reynolds (left). Rhianna will be working on social structure and individual recognition in birds (pigeons), and Miranda on the metabolics of avian brood parasitism.

New Review paper out

6 09 2017

Our new Review paper is out in the Journal of Fish Biology. All about the amazing air breathing Anabantoid fish. You can read it here!

New Pigeon Paper Out

17 08 2017

Pigeon2Our new pigeon paper is out in Journal of Experimental Biology. Led by PhD Lucy Taylor. All about how pigeons fly differently depending on how familiar they are with their surroundings. You can read it here.

Interview with Chris Packham

16 08 2017

I recently interviewed Chris Packham about his career, and to see what tips he had about how young people could begin their careers in science communication and science media. You can read the interview here!

Ani Eggshell Paper Accepted

10 08 2017

Our paper on Greater Ani eggshells has been accepted in the journal Ibis. More to follow. All about how the rare mineral, vaterite, acts as a shock absorber in the eggs of these unusual communally nesting birds. This work was done in collaboration with Christie Riehl (Princeton) and James Bowen (Open University).