Congratulations Rhianna and Miranda

17 08 2018

Congratulations to Masters students Rhianna and Miranda on submitting your theses. A couple of interesting papers being put together from the data they gathered.



CEE Event

3 08 2018

Looking forward to talking at the London CEE event in September.


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What do we do?

18 07 2018

Portugal Group

Pigeon flights continue

16 07 2018

Pigeon experiments continue to go well, and Dan Sankey has moved on to the large group releases.

Chris Packham

10 07 2018

Wonderful to welcome Chris Packham back to Campus today, where he was awarded an honorary doctorate of science.

Busy week and new arrivals

29 06 2018

Busy fews weeks. The last couple of weeks have involved externally examining the Zoology degree scheme at Manchester, which was really interesting to see what topics other Universities cover and how they are taught. I’ve done quite a few SkpeAScientist sessions, mainly with 13-16 year olds in the States. Today our new Australian Crested Pigeons arrived which is exciting! They’ll be part of some experiments looks at social interactions, dominance and energy expenditure.

Sam is back in the field in Honduras, and Dan is very busy flying pigeons. Jenny is gearing up for some lab work with ducks in the States, and Lara is underway with pigeon respirometry experiments. Rosa is in China. Exciting! Miranda and Stephanie had a very successful trip to Illinois and are now busy analysing mountains of data. Rhianna is finishing her MSc thesis and has found some fascinating results with energy expenditure and dominance. Late summer we look forward to welcoming new PhD students Jack and Cecylia, and MSc students Tayla and Molly to our motley crew.

Article in The Conversation

27 06 2018

Ever wondered “where are all the dead pigeons”? Delightful topic. And I’ve written about it for The Conversation