Lara joins us

13 03 2018

We’re delighted to welcome Lara Nouri to the lab. Lara will be working with us for six months as a Research Assistant, and will be running experiments with pigeons to examine the effects of logging devices on their behaviour and physiology.



New PhD Student

23 02 2018

Thrilled to be welcoming Jack Thirkell to our lab group, starting September 2018. Jack will be studying Siamese Fighting Fish and Mole Rats, and co-supervised by Dr Monica Daley (RVC), Dr Chris Faulkes (QMUL) and Prof Craig White (Monash). Jack will join PhD students Dan, Sam, Stephanie, Jenny and Rosa, covering virtually all taxa now (just need someone working on amphibians).

More details to follow.

Update on labs activities

17 02 2018


25 01 2018

Our Siamese Fighting Fish have been busy recently. Tomorrow they have 2nd year Animal Behaviour practicals, they’ve been busy on Saturday’s with Applicant Visitor Days, and have the RHUL Science Festival next month. Lots of rest in-between too.


New PhD Opportunity

25 01 2018

I have a new PhD opportunity available – please see below, and full details on the following links. All about Naked Mole Rats and Siamese Fighting Fish, and how they live in low oxygen environments. Great Co-supervisory team – Dr Chris Faulkes (QMUL), Dr Monica Daley (RVC) and Prof Craig White (Monash).


Lara Nouri to start with us in March

15 01 2018

We’re looking forward to welcoming Lara Nouri to begin with us in March. Lara will be working on a project in collaboration with Craig White at Monash, all about the metabolic effects of biologgers on birds.


Lara Nouri

New PhD Students

12 01 2018

Thrilled to welcome new PhD students Jenny Cantlay (below, left) and Stephanie McClelland (below, right) to the lab, both funded by the London NERC DTP. Jenny is a CASE Studentship with the RSPB, and we will be working with Rory Crawford, Alex Bond and Graham Martin, all about avian vision and sensory ecology. Stephanie will be studying the physiology behind avian brood parasitism, and we will be working with Francisco Ubeda, Claire Spottiswoode and Christina Riehl, and a host of other cuckoo experts. Congratulations also to Rosa Gleave who starts on the laughingthrush project in April, with Sam Turvey and Sarah Papworth as primary supervisors.