New aviaries

18 10 2018

Exciting day as the new aviaries are being built. Thank you to the Royal Society for the Research Grant that is allowing all these facilities to be built.

Jenny and Steph off to the field

8 10 2018

Jenny and Steph are off to the field, to Maryland and Zambia, respectively. Studies on the responses of diving ducks to gillnet deterrents, and the metabolics of embryo development in honeyguides. Huge thanks to our collaborators Alicia Berlin, Alex Bond, Luke McClean and Claire Spottiswoode.


New PhD Students

28 09 2018

Delighted to welcome new PhD students Jack Thirkell and Cecylia Watrobska to the lab. Jack will be studying life in low oxygen environments, with focal species Siamese Fighting Fish and Mole Rats, and Cecylia will be working on the energetic costs of learning (with Elli Leadbeater).

Thank you Lara

26 09 2018


Sad to wave goodbye to pigeon whisperer Lara, as her project finishes off. Thankfully Lara has a new position in the Department, so it’s not really goodbye.

New MSc Students

23 09 2018

Pleased to welcome two new MSc students to our lab, Tayla Sanders (right) and Molly Cordal (left), who will be working on mole rat movement and cuckoo egg physiology, respectively.

Congratulations Lucy

20 09 2018

Congratulations to our PhD student Lucy Taylor who passed her viva today with Minor Corrections!

Lucy Taylor

New Arrivals

17 09 2018

We’re looking forward to welcoming some new postgrads to the lab next week – Jack Thirkell, Ceyclia Watrobska, Molly Cordall and Tayla Sanders. More info to follow!