Currently, our group comprises 5 PhD students (Dan, Jenny, Stephanie, Sam and Lucy), 2 MSc students (Rhianna and Miranda), a Research Assistant (Lara) and myself (PI). I also co-supervise PhD students Rosa Gleave and Baptiste Garde (Swansea).

Dan Sankey


Dan’s PhD is investigating how physiology and individual personality traits interact with collective behaviour in birds (more to follow). Dan is co-supervised by Dr Dora Biro (Oxford) and Dr Emily Shepard (Swansea).

Email: Daniel.Sankey.2016 at

Sam Jones

Jackal Buzzard & Sam - Elgin - 01.2011_8.jpeg

Sam’s PhD research broadly investigates the physiological and behavioural underpinnings of avian species turnover in tropical mountains. This primarily focuses on the relationship between interspecific aggression and physiology, and its subsequent behavioural consequences. Approaches focus on behavioural and physiological techniques, studying species turnover of Nightingale-Thrushes (Catharus sp.) in Central America that have parapatric distributions and abut at ‘contact zones’ at the edges of their elevational ranges. Sam is a NERC funded student as part of the London Doctoral Training Partnership. Sam is co-supervised by Dr Rob Freeman (ZSL).

Email: Samuel.Jones.2016 at

Miranda Reynolds



Rhianna Ricketts


Email: Rhianna.Ricketts.2014@live.rhu


Lucy Taylor


Lucy is a PhD student I co-supervise, based in the Animal Behaviour Research Group as part of the University of Oxford’s Interdisciplinary Bioscience Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) programme, funded by BBSRC. Lucy’s primary supervisor is Dr Dora Biro, and we are working together on physiological and behavioural aspects of group living in pigeons.


Rebecca McGoran


Rebecca is MSc (Masters by Research) student working on aggressive behaviour in fish, notably Siamese Fighting Fish and other air-breathing fish.



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