New MSc Student

19 09 2022

Third and finally, we welcome Jorge Emms-Medina, who will be working on how pigeons recognise each other.

Borneo Fieldcourse

8 09 2022

After numerous cancellations due to COVID, it’s been great to be in Borneo, running our Borneo Fieldcourse for the Undergraduate students.

New paper accepted in Ibis

7 09 2022

Very happy our paper has been accepted in Ibis. All about drivers of eggshell thickness indices in bird eggshells. Congrats first author Marie Attard.

New MSc Students

7 09 2022

Second up, we have Matthew Lawrence. Matthew is going to be studying the interaction between short-term memory and route-learning behaviour in pigeons!

New MSc students

25 08 2022

We’re looking forward to welcoming three new MSc students to the lab next month. First up, we have Ellie Lucas. Ellie is going to be studying the visual fields of tropical seabirds!

IOC Conference 2022

25 08 2022

Was fun to organise a Symposium at the IOC 2022 with Samuel Temidayo Osinubi, all about the ethics of biologging with birds. Thanks to all the speakers and listeners!

Lab get together

25 08 2022

Always nice to get together as a lab and have some social downtime. We ate a lot of pizza!

New article in The Conversation

14 08 2022

I recently wrote an article for The Conservation, about why people should appreciate pigeons a little more. You can read it here!


15 07 2022

Graduation is always an exciting day. Congratulations Sam Jones and Steph McClelland on your PhD success, and Sam, Ceri and Amaia on your MSc!

Paper accepted in Behavioural Processes

25 03 2022

Our new paper has been accepted in Behavioural Processes, all about leadership in flocks of birds (pigeons, of course). Pigeon leadership hierarchies were similar across environmental context; familiar and unfamiliar. However, we found that no covariates (e.g. dominance, personality) could predict leadership score in either context, besides body mass, with heavier individuals leading group movements more often than lighter individuals.