Lab Data Day

8 05 2017

Good day with Gary and Campbell from the Hawk Conservancy, and PhD students Dan, Sam and Lucy.


Hawk Conservancy Work

8 05 2017

Great work today at The Hawk Conservancy, working again with their trained birds. Flight data now gathered from 27 different species of birds of prey in total, involving over 40 individuals. Also got a chance to play with the camera.



Vulture work in the news

2 05 2017

Our vulture vision work has been featured in Reuters News, you can watch the video here!

African White Headed Vulture

Anabantoid Fish paper accepted

25 03 2017

Our Review paper on the amazing air-breathing Anabantoid fishes has been accepted in the Journal of Fish Biology (first author Matt Tate, co-authors Craig White and MSc student Rebecca Mcgoran).


Pigeon paper accepted in Phil Trans B

22 03 2017

C2YiFpyXUAApBMw.jpg-largeWe have a new paper accepted in the Royal Societies Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B. All about  the link between laboratory based personality traits, exploration and homing in pigeons, with co-authors Dora Biro (Oxford), Jackie Chappell (Birmingham), Emily Shepard (Swansea), Craig White (Monash) and Undergraduate student at RHUL, Rhianna Ricketts. Thanks to Frank Seebacher for inviting us to contribute to the special issue. Exciting times for pigeon research!

Visiting Harvard

22 03 2017


Having a great week visiting Harvard University, giving a Seminar and getting to see all the amazing museum collections.

Bird talk on Bizarre ER, on E4

15 03 2017

I chatted very briefly about bird strikes on Bizarre ER. You can watch the programme here!

Bizarre ER TX Card