Busy Month

20 03 2022

Been a busy few weeks for everyone in the lab. Congrats to Amaia, who passed her MSc, and to Sam, for submitting his corrections. Congratulations to Ceri also, who submitted her MSc this week. Jasper and Jamie are busy releasing pigeons, while Rana is gearing up for her first visual field measurements at The Hawk Conservancy next month. Hana and Ursh are in South Africa, working with our collaborators in Pretoria, with some mole rat madness going on.

New paper out in Royal Society Open Science

23 02 2022

Our new paper is out in Royal Society Open Science. Congratulations first author, and very much lead author, Marina. You can read the paper here! All about emergence of splits and collective turns in pigeon flocks under predation.

New paper out in PLOS Computational Biology

30 01 2022

Our new paper is out in PLOS Computational Biology – you can read it here!

Welcome new PhD student Robin

7 01 2022

Very happy to be welcoming new PhD student Robin Franks to the lab group. Robin is funded by the NERC London DTP, and is co-supervised by Robin Freeman (ZSL) and Elli Leadbeater.

Paper accepted in Royal Society Open Science

5 01 2022

Good news, our paper has been accepted in Royal Science Open Science. Congratulations first and very much lead author Marina Papadopoulou. This paper is a modelling approach, looking at our RoboFalcon empirical data.

Paper accepted in PLOS Computational Biology

20 12 2021

Congratulations Marina Papadopoulou on getting our paper accepted in PLOS Computational Biology. Marina has been doing some fantastic modelling work on the pigeon/RobotFalcon data. More details to follow.

Congrats Steph – viva success

9 12 2021

Huge congrats Steph on passing your PhD viva with minor corrections! And thank you to the examiners, Naomi Langmore and Dave Morritt.

Goodbye Marie

16 11 2021

Very sad to say goodbye to postdoc Marie Attard as our Leverhulme Trust grant comes to an end. Thank you Marie for your brilliant contributions to the group, your hard work, and collegiate approach. It’s been a pleasure!

Paper out in Methods in Ecology and Evolution

8 11 2021

Our new paper is out in Methods in Ecology and Evolution. You can read it here! Pigeons lose compensatory body mass in response to biologgers being attached.

Brood parasite twitching paper out in Proc Roy Soc B

26 10 2021

Congrats Steph McClelland on the new paper out today in Proceedings of the Royal Society B. You can read it here! We show that embryo movement is more frequent in avian brood parasites than birds with other reproductive strategies. Big thanks to our collaborators, a huge team effort.