New Lab Members

24 09 2020

Very happy to welcome four new postgrads to the lab, Ursh, Sam, Amaia and Ceri. They’ll be researching mole rat physiology, aposematism and birds, metabolism and dominance in pigeons, and communication in giraffes. Exciting!

Bumper Baby Year

28 08 2020

It’s been a bumper year for pigeon babies. So far we’ve had 20 babies. Amazing how fast they grow.

Pigeon Baby

Our paper is out in Biology Letters

11 08 2020

Regarding the below post, our paper is now out in Biology Letters and you can read it here!

Various news outlets have picked up on the work, including The Times (here) and The Daily Mail (here).


Paper accepted in Biology Letters

13 07 2020

Great news today that our paper has been accepted in Biology Letters. This paper looks at (1) whether body mass determines dominance hierarchies in pigeons (it does), (2) how stable these hierarchies are over successive years (very stable), and (3) whether artificially mass loading the low body mass subordinates would make them rise up the rankings (it does).

This paper is based on my postdoc work at the RVC. Only taken me five years to finally get it published. More to follow when it comes out.


Chatting with the Times of India.

27 06 2020

Was fun chatting to the Times of India about birds and flight, you can read it here!


New paper out in Global Ecology and Conservation

27 06 2020

Our new paper is out in Global Ecology and Conservation, looking at how effective underwater light deterrents in gillnets are with Long-tailed Ducks. Congratulations Jenny on your 2nd PhD paper. You can read it here!


New paper out in Ibis

26 06 2020

Congrats Sam on your first PhD paper coming out. Based at the fieldsite in Honduras, all about territoriality and aggressive interactions in laughing-thrushes.



Paper accepted – Long-tailed Ducks

4 05 2020

Congratulations to PhD student Jenny Cantlay, Our paper has been accepted in Global Ecology and Conservation. This paper, also part of Jenny’s thesis, investigated visual fields in Long-tailed Ducks, and then experimentally tested the effectiveness of LED deterrents in gillnets.

More to follow.

Picture 1

Top Downloaded Paper

30 04 2020

Glad people liked our slightly random paper on the impacts of moon phase on wild Barnacle Geese physiology.

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 12.27.25

Pigeon Recovery

18 04 2020

Some nice positive news. A pigeon who collided with a window just before Christmas has now healed and made a full recovery, and took her first flight of 2020 yesterday.